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◆ 21 ◆ male ◆ montreal ◆ english lit major

◆ people call me noni i guess u can too ◆ love me


I tried to take this pic for the For”A”ever Soul Event or whatever the hell but I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of the background lol BUT YEAH IT’S ME AND MY AYU TAT

i hav the hottest friends

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"   I am tired of knowing nothing and being reminded of it all the time.   "
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open your love flower (◕‿◕✿)

i remarked to a friend that i wanted to have a beach party and their response was “in what?” “…what?” “like, in the sims or something?”

i expressed a desire to party and it was instantly interpreted as a desire to play video games!! i have done it!!! i officially have no perceivable life!!!!

i got up from my bed to walk to my door and my cat was sitting on my chair cleaning herself and she literally spanked my ass as i walked by and i’m scared ¿but intrigued?

aaaaaaaaah i got my copy of brainstorming/kimi sae ireba aaaa AAAaa im not ready to listen to rock no teigi noooo noo boooo ooo cries


i hate bugs when im rich and i see a bug in my house im just going to leave and buy a new house

i was literally halfway through this post when a giant wasp buzzed right near my ear im moving

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i love you uh oh i love you uh oh i love you uh oh

(robotic moaning)

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