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◆ 21 ◆ male ◆ montreal ◆ english lit major

◆ people call me noni i guess u can too ◆ love me

if i ever write an autobio it’ll be called “bitch u don’t know my life” DON’T STEAL THIS DO NOT STEAL

bitch i dont know ur life


mihimaru GT will hold 10th anniversary live in September followed by hiatus

Duo mihimaru GT have announced that they will be holding their 10th year anniversary tour live in September 2013! Fans have long speculated on how the duo will be celebrating their ten years together, and now they know that the experience will be shared with thousands of fans who participate in the event!

During their most recent events held on March 9th and 10th, the duo announced that…read more.


cosmo tip #2414 if your partner is feeling nervous, remind him that if he doesn’t pilot the robot Rei will have to

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hot girls make the world

the world go round (。◔‿◔。)♪