and we’re overcome by total Untitled Document

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◆ 21 ◆ male ◆ montreal ◆ english lit major

◆ people call me noni i guess u can too ◆ love me

previews of all 3 songs are available already omfG


song 4 u we’ve all heard me cream over so okwe can skip it HAha just kidding no we can’t it’s amazing i love it GIVe ME THE FULL VerSION BEFORE I kILL someone omg it’s so progress ~episode 2~ it’s gorgeous and i love it

Missing is amazing tho omg wtf the arrangement is amazing omg this sounds like such a classic ayu song this feels like one of the most traditional songs by her in a looooong time i mean wow

Melody sounds a little less exciting but idk it’s pleasant on the ears and will probably appease the generic ballad-loving masses

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