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Goto Maki - 「愛言葉 (VOICE)」 on sale 11 / 2 / 11

Regular Ed. CD / DVD

  • 15 songs total
  • Includes the title track from her previous mini-albums + Hanauta from the first mini
  • It has a Madonna / Lady Gaga feel to it. Young Japanese producers involved.
  • DVD carries all of her Avex music videos, also Queen Bee.

Limited Ed. CD / DVD (Includes Regular CD and DVD too)

  • 11 collaboration songs
  • DVD is a huge Making-Of movie of her works such as photo and video shootings, and more.

Her last concert, a single show in December entitled “G-EMOTION Final" (which should be familiar to any of her fans from her H!P days) will be held in Makuhari Event Hall, with a capacity for 9,000.

this sounds awesome, however i’m curious as to how they’re going to take the title track from each mini-album since uh none of her mini’s had title tracks lol oops. but it’ll probably be like, Houseki from ONE, Ashiato from Gloria, and Nee… from LOVE, + Hanauta + 11 new songs aw yee


im kidding maki i love you so much omg don’t leave me ;_;

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