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◆ people call me noni i guess u can too ◆ love me


Maki also revealed on her blog recently that the sample/prototype printing for her album had been completed. This is her holding the 4 disc version, aka the 2CD+2DVD monster that I pre-ordered months ago. I AM SO EXCITED NOW.

THIS is why I still order CDs instead of just downloading mp3s off iTunes or whatever. This kind of stuff is awesome.

Two weeks left!!

oh my god this is awesome, I WANT IT SO BAD

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i love how she keeps getting hotter

can’t stop gocchin xx

I rewatched Maki’s G-Emotion II ~How to use Sexy~ (lol yes that’s a real title) concert last night, and oh my god i’m going to miss her so much.

i really really recommend that concert to anyone - it’s like a smaller scale Kuu or Ayu concert (and even stars two of Ayu’s dancers and one of Kuu’s lolll). it’s nothing like any hello! project concert you’ve probably seen, since it has props and elaborate costumes and new song arrangements and backup dancers and an actual budget lol what it’s true.

anyway, all this to say that it was a great reminder of how talented & gorgeous gocchin is, and a terrible reminder of how she’s going on an ~indefinite hiatus~ come december. le sigh.