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◆ 21 ◆ male ◆ montreal ◆ english lit major

◆ people call me noni i guess u can too ◆ love me

s: argentinaaaaa???!!!!!
me: haha yeah wudduppp
s: niiiiice
s: family vacay?
me: nope! im on my own!
s: no friggin wayyyyy!!
s: what's the occasion?
me: hahaha, not a thing really
me: the call to adventure i guess
s: props to you, omg that's fabulous
s: where are you staying??
me: i'm not even entirely sure!
s: haha sorry your independence is just wowing me
me: HAHAH me too actually
me: but it's this sketchy hostel
me: with like 36 other foreigners
s: and you're there now, yah?
me: no i was never there i've been in front of my computer the entire time and made up that entire scenario because that's my new approach to making my life sound passably exciting hi what's up